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When: Saturday, January 1, 2005. 6pm till late.
Where: 32 Athlone St, Tingalpa 4173.
What: The resurrection of the Kewnstock Saga.
Who: You, and a selection of other friends.
Theme: Loud shirts.




How To Get There

In order to attend Kewnstock, you'll need to get yourself to Tingalpa. Tingalpa is located on the east coast of Australia. If you're still having trouble finding the place, then may I suggest you consult this Whereis map. If you're considering the public transport option, there are hourly buses to the bottom of my street. Ideally, you'll manage to convince someone else to drive you, so that you can enjoy an evening of uninhibited drinking and debauchery.

What To Bring

Generally speaking, I like to avoid themes that require guests spending money. This year, you are encouraged to wear a "loud shirt". I won't refine that statement any further, since I know some people like to get creative. In addition to this, there will be free beer for anyone who comes dressed as Snake Man.

Other Information

I will be supplying beer. However, due to projected numbers, I wouldn't rely on there being any left by the time you get here. I'd strongly urge you to BYO, since the offerings of the communal esky may not be to your liking anyway.

The usual arrangement is that I provide an assortment of light snacks - and this year will be no exception. If, however, you feel like something more substantial, there will be a number of pizza runs throughout the night. Be sure to bring along enough money to cover this if you intend to participate in the pizza-eating.

If you plan to completely write yourself off, speak to me about the possibility of reserving a portion of my lounge room floor. Space is limited - book now!

I should probably also point out that while many stockmen believe that venomous snakes are now cross-breeding with non-venomous snakes, this is NOT TRUE.

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