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When: Saturday, November 30, 2002. 6pm onwards.
Where: 32 Athlone St, Tingalpa 4173.
What: Music, Inebriation, and general Foolish Behaviour.
Who: You, and a selection of friends.



How to get there

Most of you are probably quite familiar with where I live, but if you're not, you can see map references here. If you're driving, I would suggest car pooling, so that more of you can get pissed. If you're relying on public transport, you can have a look at bus timetables and train timetables.

Other information

I will be providing as much beer as I think I can afford, however this probably won't be anywhere near enough, so I'd encourage you to BYO, and perhaps expect a few 'bonus' drinks on the night. Of course, I probably won't be able to cater for everyone's drinking tastes, so if you're a special person with special needs, you'll have to BYO.

I'll be serving light foods & snacks, but due to numbers, a BBQ might be impractical. If, however, you'd like to bring along food, I won't stop you from cooking it. If there's enough demand, we can easily dial pizzas.

Finally, I would appreciate it if you could RSVP me at some stage, so that I can get a rough idea just how many people will be attending. This helps me buy enough booze. So let me know if you're coming, and everyone will be happy.

Also, I'd like you all to fuck off and go home at midnight. Thanks.

Promo Material


The Trailer

These photos were taken at my 21st. I will, of course, be taking more photos at Kewnstock. See you in Volume 69!

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