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When: Saturday, June 28, 2003. 6pm till late.
Where: 32 Athlone St, Tingalpa 4173.
What: The much anticipated sequel to last year's Kewnstock.
Who: You, and selected others.
Theme: "Drunken idiots."




How To Get There

Those of you who have never been to Tingalpa might find this Whereis map useful. If you're planning to drive, consult UBD 162-J16. I'd encourage car-pooling, so that more of you can join me in my Honourable Quest to get completely written-off. For those of you considering public transport, there are hourly busses to the bottom of my street, however these stop running at 10:10pm.

What To Bring

The official theme for the evening is "drunken idiots". You are not required to wear any special clothing, however I have no doubt that some of you will anyway. There will be no penalties for arriving naked, unless you are Mantis.

Other Information

I will be providing beer, and a meat pie. The recipient of the meat pie will be determined by an elaborately staged series of increasingly violent contests; the winner being selected by a process of elimination. If you'd like to drink anything other than whatever beer I can afford to supply, you might like to BYO. In fact, I would encourage it anyway. More beer for me.

In previous years, I have aimed to provide light snacks on the evening. This year, I propose a pizza run. If you'd like to bring enough money for a delivery, we'll order at around 8pm. If you feel like bringing your own shrimp, I will have the BBQ set up.

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If you have any further queries, please contact me on 0422 165 755.