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BBQ Dinner, Saturday, 16th April, 2005, until late. Crashing space available.

Kewn  Lime

More snags than ever before*!
Steak from the healthiest cows*!
Beer from the farthest reaches*!

Kewn has, in the past, resisted setting themes that require party-comers and goers to spend money. I, Lime, have no such concern and hereby state that all must wear a wig. What constitutes a wig, though, will be left up to you. Effort is not compulsory, but a wig is.

Location: jLime's place, West End.
Date: Saturday, 16th April, 2005.
Time: Barbie fired up at 6pm. Drinking will continue in to the evening.
Bring: Alcohol (Some beer provided), and optionally food to fry on BBQ (Snags provided). BRING CHAIRS, AS MANY AS YOU CAN.
Also Bring: A wig.

Participants not wearing a wig will be ineligible for entry in the LUCKY DOOR PRIZE draw.

Also, the first five attendees will receive a cardboard box from our extensive range.

You may be photographed while attending this party.

* Distances and quantities are subjective and may not be as high, long or as far as previous years. Management takes no responsibility for any loss or disappointment if such a situation occurs.

Artwork graciously created by poit