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December 8, 2002. Be there, or may your family suffer bodily dysfunction's for 10 generations.

What BBQ and assortment of tom foolery in a very public place
When 8th December, 12pm to 4pm (approx.)
Where Mott Park, Holland Park
Why To celebrate the auspicious occasion of my surviving to see my 23rd birthday. An all together special time, as it is on good authority that I was not to make it past my tenth birthday; or so that bitch at the ekka tarot stall told me.
RSVP By the 3/12/02 -
Updates * There will be water fun involved, so bring a towel, suitable clothing/change of etc.

How to get to the funnest place on Earth

Mott Park is situated on the corner of Logan road and Abbotsleigh road. Here we will set up the bbq, using locally resourced facilities.
North Siders - Take the Marshal Road exit and turn left into Marshall Road. Follow this along until you hit a major 4-way intersection. Turn left here into Logan Road. Follow this road for about 800m to 1Km. Mott Park will be on your right. There is a parking lot on the Abbotsleigh road side.

What to Bring

Yourself and and any significant others. The occasion is BYO, however an assortment of alcohol will be provided. Feel free to bring along any play things, such as soccer balls etc. If you like, bring along a packet of chips, or a softdrink, the more the merrier.

RSVP Details

As food will be provided, it is necessary to find out how many of you will be coming. Please reply by the 3/12. If it is required, a second email to prompt the lazy ones will be sent out. If you have any dietary requirements, i.e. vegetarian, or a follower of the dark occult requiring a pint of fresh blood, please let me know in the RSVP so the necessary adjustments can be made.

Contact Details

If by some chance, you have been left off the mailing list, or did not receive an email, please let me know, as there were so many names to keep track of, it is easy to forget/lose the odd one.


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